Giulio De Pasquale

  • PhD Student, King's College London

I’m a PhD candidate in Computer Security at King’s College London under the supervision of Professor Lorenzo Cavallaro.

My main interests include reverse engineering, automated program analysis and obfuscation techniques. I enjoy fiddling around with open-source software and I am a strong advocate of self-hosted solutions.

I play Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions whenever I can and I have had the pleasure to be part of mHACKeroni, Tower of Hanoi and Shellphish. As part of mHACKeroni, we were able to rank 5th at DEFCON CTF 27 in 2019! I co-founded Phish ‘n’ Chips, King’s College London CTF team.

Music plays an important role in my life: I am a keen fan of Subsonica, I play the drums (since ~2009) and I have recently started learning how to play the bass, guitar and keyboards.

Finally, it’s possible to find me online playing Rocket League, competitive FPS games (mainly Counter Strike: Global Offensive) and, when nostalgia hits hard, either World of Warcraft or Doom (1993). I also hang out in VR from time to time…

Interests. Computer security, drums, reverse engineering and videogames (VR!)


These are some of my open source projects: